Holistic Nutrition Approach


Change your breakfast, Change your life.

A nourishing and thoughtful Superfood smoothie blend for deep sustenance, physical transformation, or to simply fill in nutritional gaps. Effective, clean, and close-to-nature--both grass-fed whey and plant-based proteins. Superior branched-chain amino acid profile, active enzymes, and essential trace minerals.

Our meal plans are simple and easy to follow. Together, we focus on living a balanced lifestyle — eating 85% balanced healthy meals and 15% “fun” meals. Nothing is based on rules or restrictions — we focus on creating healthy habits that facilitate lasting results.


The Original Adaptogenic Elixir

Some of the herbs we use:Wolfberry, Schisandra, Red ginseng, Hibiscus, holy basil, Amla, Dang Shen, Maca, Alfalfa, Shilajit, Rhodiola Root, Ashwaganda, Ginger, Bacopa, Horsetail.

Ancient ingredients to support your modern life--mentally, physically, and emotionally. Stress usually caused inflammation and prevents your body from releasing access fat.   


Telomere Support

Our complete nutrition plan includes supplementation that provides telomere and antioxidant support based on Nobel prize winning scientific research.

Telomeres protect the crucial DNA information within our cells, much like plastic caps protect the ends of shoelaces from unraveling. As we age, our telomeres naturally begin to shorten. Factors such as oxidative stress, an unhealthy diet, and poor lifestyle choices can accelerate this telomere shortening, resulting in rapid aging and the earlier onset of age-related health problems. Our system slows down that degeneration. 

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