Shir G.

I have always been reluctant to use a gym for exercise, thinking I’d rather be outdoors for a more “natural“ work out. However, working with Megan has changed my mind. I love knowing that she will help me find balance, in the muscles I use (no more relying on only certain muscles to do all the work) as well as my mood. And, her energy as fun and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Tamara Y.

Megan is all about “MeganMeFit”!! Her sessions are thought out and personalized for me. Yet, she’s flexible enough that when I came in with a heel or shoulder tightness/issue, she could change up her plan to not stress the areas of concern.

Alena B

Working with Megan has been wonderful and eye opening. I’m learning so much about health and nutrition. She is inspiring, encouraging, and very knowledgeable about health. I’m excited to continue this journey with her.